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People often say we need to be thankful. Like, "Look women can vote and do this and that, black people can do whatever" but those are not the only things that are important. Just because we have taken one step, it doesn’t mean that we can stay here.

Emi, 16, Brixton
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Girls are fed this image of ‘a perfect woman’ from such a young age, whilst also being told they should love themselves. It’s like shooting someone in the leg then telling them to run a marathon.”

Angharad, 15, Monmouthshire, South Wales - Read more
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With social media, the more likes a girl will get is just how they judge themselves. You will get loads of likes with skin on show and then think well this is the best me I can be.

Rosalind, 15, Leeds
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Women are trained to look in the mirror and pick out parts of their bodies they hate and want to change. This is constantly promoted as good.

Tia, 17, Margate
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